Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

i´m at ETSY now

hi artlovers,
    i need to pay my rent and my bills, that is the main reason why i finally opened my etsy store. i hope you enjoy it and tell all your friends about it, will you?  :)


Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

Q.:how many websides do you have?

first of all there is my main page
nr.2 is my artbreak account

nr.3 is THIS blogspot 

nr.4 is this one . this blog was the first idea for tcabam
nr.5 is the follower of nr. 4 
nr.7 i do have a zazzle shop
nr.9 my youtube channel
nr.12 the destiny manifesto
nr.13 twitter 
nr.14 facebook
nr.15 another fb for tcabam

nr.17 a blogspot for the childrens book idea i am working on with my friend hollie

oh no...i really can´t go on...i left out some...important for me was the J.E.L.L.i. fan club i once started but the page died because the host went from free service to payed service. it had a great community and i miss that. 
i also have a google+ account and a linkedin thingy but i don´t really know what that´s for ...ok...i hope i cleared up with the rumor that artists are lazy. us artists work 24/7 you know? we can´t just switch off...even in our dreams we work...because art is dreaming and transforming the dreams into pictures and sounds and so on...i´m drunk now..see ya

Montag, 16. April 2012

here is the first copy ! the DIY ArtBookProject 2012

i proudly present you: the new DIY ArtBookProject 2012 (more here


The DIY ArtBookProject 2012

this booklet is the second edition of the


it was created, self-printed and self-published 2012

in Hamburg, Germany by Natascha Artworx

art, layout, design and print by Natascha Artworx


poems by Chrystal Sunflower


*this book is a 100% Do It Yourself production

*15 full colored pages

*copyright 2012 Natascha Artworx

*all poems in this book are copyright Chrystal Sunflower

**you can have a look inside of the book at my facebook page .

***every book will be signed and numbered with a personal note from me

(if you want it blank,just say it)


you can have a look inside of my book at my facebook page

and you can purchase it here now:


♥ you all,





about a year ago my friend/ muse @sunflowerdagger and i exchanged art
and talked about creating a little art book.
like the one i selfpublished in 2009 (please read about it here:
the concept is:
i use poetry i love by a writer i know from the internut and create a little book in the style of a CD booklet, about 12- 16 pages (the new DIY Art Book Project = 15 colored pages).
SFD lives in the usa, i live in germany. we met and became friends because we love the same music and we love the arts and crafts ( i can also say this about Julie M. Tate ).
back in 2010 i did send her this little astronaut and now she took this picture of the lil guy holding an abstract version of our new DIY Art Book Project.

last month stats

Montag, 27. Februar 2012

A second DIY Art Book Project?

yes, i am thinking about that since i finished my first DIY ArtBookProject in 2009 (very limited edition,not available anymore) when i collaborated with the great Julie M. Tate of Gossip [&] the Devil .
now it´s time to start the second Natascha*Artworx DIY ArtBookProject, a new collaboration with new art and new poems. same concept (art from me,poems from a writer), new writer...more info soon :)
♥ nat

Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2011


after some delays the physical book has arrived in chicago,IL and is hitting the store!!!

this is the hardcover

and this is the softcover

i´d prefer the hardcover,because it´

what is THE DESTINY MANIFESTO, and where can i buy it?

THE DESTINY MANIFESTO is a collaboration between artists in chicago,IL/USA and hamburg/germany. it´s a dream we´ve dreamed for a long time.

i am the "germany" part.
the USA parts are: 
most important- the author Robert Del Rio who contacted me over a year ago via facebook to plan this book. he is writing wonderful poems and wanted my artworx for his book...our book. so i reedited and created some new pieces and send about 50 different artworks to him. also in this book:art by Anthony Lowery and the cover is done by Roshawn Allen of DOPEproductions.

CALL: 773 288-7718 
Frontline Books & Crafts & Crystal Power 
5206 S Harper Avenue
ChicagoIL 60615

if you have troubles calling the book store ,maybe because you do not live in the usa, please contact me here or via twitter or know where to find me. 


♥ Natascha

my christmas wishes #click_for_a_good_cause

these are my christmas wishes. by clicking at these "signatures" you give me "dshins" and that means you are helping me to fullfill my christmas wishes. it´s free for you, no joining, just a click_for_a_good_cause .

thank you very much


Samstag, 12. November 2011

support independent art

if you like to support independent artists and know kickstarter, did you know that only USA residents can start a kickstarter campaign? i know now,because i tryed to make one and i live in germany. that sucks. so i was thinking, how to do a fundraise for my new projects...and i found an app at my homepage .

i am asking for a little help to get an idea out of my head on some canvas. i am planning to create one or some series of  paintings for a real exhibition and so i need canvas, brushes, paint...ect...i am working hard but my budget is small and since i found out that kickstarter is only for people who have an adress in the USA, i am trying to make my own. i will update my creating process on twitter and facebook almost in realtime with a lot of photos of the work in progress. every donation is very much appreciated and will be used only to buy canvas, brushes, paint,etc...
the ideas i have are

1. "the abusive fairy tales"  


and 3. "internuts"

but it very much depends on you how many of my ideas will become "real".
 every peanut counts!

if you want and can support me ,please go to my webside and use the pay pal button,
if you want but can´t i just ask you to share this post with as many friends as you can.
i thank you very much

and here is what i did so far, the ideas and the work in progress of this fundraised project:

the sunflowerdaggerdreams idea

the internuts idea

the abusive fairy tales idea...

thank you very much


Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

the book

the book, yes i saw the pdf for the final print version of the book Robert Del Rio and i are working on. it has about 100 pages filled with Roberts poetry many many of my drawings & paintings, newly edited by me for the book. cover art and layout done by D.O.P.E. (Done Only by Practice and Experience) and it will be released thru hyde park in chicago illinois.
i will also set up a website together with the author to promote and sell the book when it is released.
here is a little sneak peak of the coverart:
i´ll keep you updated and will post immediately when i know the release date.
when it´s out...i count on YOU to help me promote and sell it.
love you

Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

the destiny manifesto and life

hi friends,
long time no blog...

i am going to be featured in a book...this book will be out
soon, i hope. it´s a wonderful collection of poems written by facebook friend and sp fan (yes that´s important,because we wouldn´t have that deep conversations without the music connection) Robert DelRio.
in this book you´ll see almost all my artworks (at least all i thought i can show public).
i reedited all of them for the book. so you´ll get 50 poems and my art on every page. as much as i know,and that´s not too much, there´ll be one item that´s not mine

the books name is THE MANIFESTO OF DESTINY and i will definitely keep you updated and provide you with links when it´s for sale online. is hard...hahaha. it´s getting better...or at least i´m pretending that it gets better...

i wanna create big paintings but i have no money to buy big canvas, so i have to do this project in my head until i am able to go to the art store. blablabla

i made a shirt design for a band but got no reply if they like it yet...cross your would be so cool :)

my twitter is recovering slowly...i have 119 followers now...damn you twitter for suspending my @nataschaartworx account (read post about that).

i also reanimated my zazzle shop and added some new t-shirts and is the link:

some stuff i made in the last 3 month:

i taped my camera to my easel and recorded myself doing a sketch on canvas.

now you see 30 minutes stuffed into 3,5 minutes…speed painting :)

the music is by the wonderful band COSIO , they broke up but i love theyr album THE CACOPHONIST is one of my favorites.

i used the song “pearls to swine” with permission of the band.



your neck line is like pearls to swine

in the company of this crowd

without a word you summon me near

by the contours of your back

if your body be braille

i´ll read a novel

and never miss my sight

your love is like milk and honey

unto the wandering israelite

forgive the dirt under findernails

as i kiss the hem of your garment

pay no mind to the lack of refine

no debutante´s love could fair

my lust offends even harlequins

with downward eyes

but your love it stares confidently

into my beguilded face

and the weeping willows echo my cries

the moth he knows my plight

your love is like monarchs mating

and falling to earth in mid-flight

and now i´ll spend some time with my morning coffee...

♥ & peace to all of you


Dienstag, 12. April 2011

who killed @nataschaartworx ?

(sorry amanda, ich muss mir das mal leihen )
last saturday was like most saturdays...just only one thing: my twitter account @nataschaartworx got suspended.
i logged in and saw this:
you might ask: why? 
well, i could say: i was a bad girl but honestly...i don´t know.
i contacted twitter and asked them what this is all about on saturday...well, now we have tuesday and i have no reply yet.
i was thinking and thinking...i guess i know what i did wrong now.
i posted a fukushima-related video to my tumblr. after that i got a link from a stranger with the text: 
"see where else radiation hits ... LINK"
...well, my mistake was that i clicked and 
it showed me a titti-i´m-so-hot-site...
i really hate stuff like that and i told the sender to 
...well you can guess ;)
when i wanted to log in the next time my account was suspended, 
all followers und followings to zero, 
no chance to tweet, 
twitpic account with 289 pictures: useless...
two years of networking: gone by one click.
of course i did set up a new account immediately and told some friends what happened. 
now i have sweet 35 followers...623 was my last count on my nataschaartworx account before it was shut down . 
and it makes me mad that they do not reply to me. 
so, i really feel like killed right now. my name is done now, i can´t do a "@natascha_artworx" or something because the box is too small for that one "_"...nataschaartworx did just fit in so right, and now it is gone. i got a new one on twitter now, i literally left out the middle. 
please follow me now on twitter under the name 

love and light and no more anger now...forget this and pray for japan and the planet...our little shit is so meaningless in relation to the massive change the earth is going to see in the next years...our little shit can only help to distract us before we go crazy because we know...

Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

#twitterauction review

hi, i´ve been a lazy writer, i know i know, so now i will write a bit about my last weekend on twitter:

first of all, it was january 8 and i was thinking: damn it, i gotta pay those bills, what do i do to get rid of some artworx for some cents...every cent counts (yes, and if you think:huh? that bad? i´d say: no worse).

so i tweeted that i´d make a spontanious auction of some prints and originals on twitpic from saturday night until sunday night.
it was a test, to see if something like that works. and guess what? it works.

[click on the pictures, it´s  twitpic]
  twitter auction starts in two hours...i sell original paint... on Twitpic

i posted this two hours before i started my ninja twitter auction and posted the rules using #twitterauction
and got rid of some three little prints and one original painting. not for a lot of money, but that is unimportant. the fact is, that i spread my artworx over this far and wide it gets...maybe one of them will survive the time...if you know what i mean...
ok, i´m drifting away, back to the twitterauction-action: so, because of this personal success i decided to make it REAL with a better preparing and better photos and i posted an event on facebook.
then i uploaded 10 photos and  asked the facebook people to vote for the pictures (with the LIKE button). the 5 photos with the most response where the chosen ones...
this was the shout out:

ACHTUNG baby #twitterauction   on Twitpic

and these are the artworks that have a new home now:

"blue virgin"
40cm x 50cm
canvas & acrylic paint
ORIGINAL PAINTING 40cm x 50cm, canvas & acrylic paint  on Twitpic
40cm x 50cm
canvas & acrylic paint
ORIGINAL PAINTING "satur9", 40cm x 50cm, canvas &am... on Twitpic
"frantic romantic"
60cm x 50cm 
high quality poster print
POSTER PRINT "frantic romantic", 60cm x 50cm , high... on Twitpic
"i put a spell on you" 
17cm x 27cm 
high quality photo print
PRINT "i put a spell on you" , 17cm x 27cm, high qu... on Twitpic
"hold on to your dreams"
30cm x40cm
acrylics & canvas
ORIGINAL PAINTING "hold on to your dreams" ,30cm x4... on Twitpic
18 cm x 24 cm 
acrylic & canvas #new 
...colors like coffee and cream...
ORIGINAL PAINTING 18 cm x 24 cm acrylic & canvas #new ...... on Twitpic

so, i posted 6 pieces and 6 pieces go out, that´s great. i thank you all for beeing a part of this , your support  means a lot to me. i am all excited about creating and painting new stuff now...totally motivated ...thank you so much.